OAFIC has great number of development project experiences and knowledge in developing countries. Now we began to contribute supporting the NPO/ NGO`s activities as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In Indonesia, OAFIC is supporting the project “Sustainable Livelihoods Programme for Struggling Fishers in Indonesia (SULFI)” promoting by PNO firm named ALL LIFE LINE NETWORK. SULFI project is designed to provide secure the income for small-scale fishermen and improve their lives implemented by simple seaweed farming. OAFIC has dispatched a seaweed farming expert to this project to guide the technical support and more.

CSRの一環として、発展途上国における多くのプロジェクト実施経験を生かし、NPONGOの活動を専門的な見地からサポートしています。インドネシアでは、NPO法人ALL LIFE LINE NETWORKが実施するSULFI (Sustainable Livelihoods Programme for Struggling Fishers, 2011-) に協力しています。このプロジェクトは零細漁民に海藻養殖を普及することにより、彼らの収入の確保と生活向上を実現することを目的としています。