OAFIC has highly qualified experts and specialists in various fields and with experience in providing services in Japan and abroad. The Company's Managing Director, Mr. Yasuo Ishimoto, is an outstanding professional manager and technical specialist with worldwide experience in the planning, management, and implementation of development projects.

OAFIC has excellent key personnel with the capability and well-developed technical know-how in the primary industries and allied fields. In addition, the Company retains the services of a number of Agriculturists particularly Fisheries Experts, Economists, Sociologists, and Civil Engineers from various countries in Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Africa, who are fielded in projects all over the world. It is also OAFIC's policy to make full use of regional experts in its various assignments and to associate with reputable local companies in the execution of projects. OAFIC employs rigid screening criteria in the selection of specialists for nomination in projects the Company bids for, and once awarded a contract, the Firm provides its Consultant Team with full technical and administrative backstopping support from its Home Office to ensure successful project implementation.