Project description :
Project Purpose:
This Study aimed to formulate the master plan for improving income of small-scale fishers and establishing stable fisheries supply for the coastal fishing communities, 2) to make feasibility study on priority projects and zones, and 3) to transfer technology on fisheries management and community development to local counterparts.

Development Plans:
1. Plan to improve fishing technology and coastal resources management
2. Plan to improve aquaculture technology
3. Plan to improve fish handling, marketing and processing
4. Plan to improve fisheries infrastructure
5. Plan to improve fishing village environment
6. Plan to improve fishers organizations and fisheries extension
7. Educational and training plan

Pilot Projects conducted during the Study:
1. Comparative test on catch and benefit between inside and outside of bay.
2. Experimental fish processing (fish ball, dried fish)
3. Comparative test on the effective ice ratio (freshness test)
4. Fish catch self-recording experiment (using fishers log-book)