Project description :
Project Purpose:
This study aimed to formulate the sustainable aquaculture projects in various types and typical water zones (marine, brackish and fresh water), through the activities of 1) situation analysis, 2) components/site identification, and 3) project formulation and feasibility analysis.

Projects formulated in each project districts:
1. Brackishwater aquaculture development
(1) Langkat (North Sumatra): extensive culture of shrimp / tilapia / seaweed, mud crab (soft-shell) culture, and grouper culture in pond
(2) O.K.I. (South Sumatra): semi-intensive shrimp culture in pond
(3) Karawang (West Java): seaweed culture in pond
2. Freshwater aquaculture development
(1) West Lampung (Lampung): carp / tilapia culture in pond and hatchery
(2) Bandung (West Java): fish fry stocking in natural ox-bow lakes
(3) Kapuas Hulu (West Kalimantan): sand goby culture in cage / arowana reproduction in pond
3. Mariculture development in Buton (Southeast Sulawesi)
(1) seaweed (Eucheuma) culture by rope-hanging methods
(2) mabe-shell handicrafts manufacturing