Project description :

This study aimed to make a feasibility study on development of integrated aquaculture for highly utilization of the flood plain of Huang He River and for increase of production of fish and agriculture products and to transfer the technology on ecological-friendly aquaculture, pond water quality control, and farm management.

Proposed projects:
1. Integrated aquaculture development plan
- Construction/rehabilitation of fish ponds (1,200 ha, for 1,000 households)
- Development of agriculture fields aside ponds (300 ha)
- Improvement of farm roads, electricity lining, drain canal, and
2. Farmers support plan
- Fish seed centers (2 sites, 200 millions pcs. In total)
- Feed plants (2 sites, 15,000 tons/year each)
- Aquaculture technical center (for R&D, education/training)
- Equipment centers (8 sites, for maintenance of fish pond, road, canal)
3. Processing and marketing improvement plan
- Fish collecting and distribution centers (wholesale markets)