Project description :
This Study aimed 1) to formulate the master plan for integrated development of small-scale fishery and inland aquaculture, 2) to verify the effectiveness of Master Plan through pilot projects, and 3) to transfer technologies to Gabonese counterparts during the Study.

Development Plans:
1. Development of the Rural Communities in the inland fishery zone
2. Development of Rural Communities in the small-scale coastal fishery zone
3. Participative Fishery Resources Management
4. Development of Inland Aquaculture
5. Improvement of processing and distribution system of fishery products
6. Training of Human Resources of the concerned institutions

Pilot projects conducted during the Study (for 6 months):
1. Introduction of Set-net Fishing (1 site)
2. Coastal Fisheries Development (FRP pirogue with diesel inboard engine)
3. Microcredit (5 sites, 30 fishers groups in total)
4. Integrated Aquaculture (2 sites)
5. Freshwater Fish Cage Culture (1 site)
6. Value addition of Sans-Nom (Heterotis sp.) (1 site)
7. Participatory Fishery Resources Management (2 sites)
8. Experiment of the long-tailed motor (1 site)