Project description :
Malawi is a landlocked country with high inland aquaculture development potential with its 1/5 of the territory occupied by natural waters like Lake Malawi. Dr. Masuda who was stationed at the headquarters of Department of Fisheries as an advisor for the department for facilitation of the implementation of National Aquaculture Strategic Development Plan of Malawi which had not progressing apparently. He reviewed the status of the aquaculture sector and revealed the substantial progress made in the commercial aquaculture development in large-scale cage culture of indigenous tilapias in Lake Malawi. He advised to initiate a small-scale culture development program using the formulated feed developed and other technical spill off benefits from the large-scale cage culture development. The advisor guided the first two years of community-based small-scale cage culture development with provisions of appropriate cage designs and assistances in implementation of all operational aspects. With the promising result of about 500 kg of fish production in the first year, the Fisheries Department followed up the community-based small-scale cage culture project as the flag-carrier program for the following year. With the other assistances such as introduction of a prototype running water fish farming system first time in the country and completion of a technical manual for rural pond fish farming, he facilitated the implementation of National Aquaculture Strategic Plan.