Project description :
Project Purpose:
The purpose of this Study is to prepare the Action Plan for the realization of national framework focusing on poverty alleviation and the fisheries development policy. The Master Plan had the following objectives:
1) to strengthen the development capacities of artisanal fisheries in both the public and private sectors
2) to contribute to the national economy, in terms of the nutritional intake of the populace,
3) to raise the livelihood and social welfare conditions of the rural fisheries communities.
The Action Plan comprised the following 15 programmes;
Programme 1 : Marine Fisheries Sub-sector Capacity Building
Programme 2 : Dar es Salaam Fisheries Infrastructure Improvement
Programme 3 : Lake Victoria Fisheries Sub-sector Capacity Building
Programme 4 : Lake Victoria Fish Marketing Improvement
Programme 5 ; Lake Tanganyka Dagaa Fisheries Development
Programme 6 : Lake Nyasa Planked Canoe Extension
Programme 7 : Aquaculture Extension
Programme 8 : Fisheries Financial Support
Programme 9 : Fisheries Co-management
Programme 10 : National Fish Export promotion
Programme 11 : Lake Victoria Major Landing Beach Improve e
Programme 12 : Fisheries Communities Development
Programme 13 : Fisheries Information System improvement
Programme 14 : Fisheries Training Institute improvement
Programme 15 : Fisheries Master Plan Implementation Training