Project description :
This Study aimed to assess the standing stock of demersal fish and the socio-economic conditions and living standards of the fishing communities, devise fisheries resources management plan conducive to proper fisheries based on the results of these assessments, and transfer technologies to Mauritanian counterparts concerning a series of tasks including the monitoring of effects that arise from the implementation of fisheries management.

As for the stock assessment surveys, a total of four trips were made using a research vessel to conduct trawl surveys and oceanographic observations. Harvested catch was sorted by species, then a count of individuals in each species was taken, and thence the weight of each species was measured. In addition, the age of target species was analyzed.

The socio-economic surveys were also conducted in the vicinities of major fishing villages to generate information on: (i) socio-economic conditions of the fishing communities; (ii) characteristic of the fishing and the marketing; (iii) main problem of the fishing communities; and (iv) alternative income sources.