Project description :
The study aims at preparing the Master Plan (M/P) and the Action Plan (A/P) for the promotion of inland aquaculture for rural development.

The study proposed following projects in the Action Plan.
1. Project for improvement of pond productivity through fertilization
2. Project for development of small-scale net cage culture
3. Project for development of catfish culture using plastic sheet tank
4. Project for development of quality Tilapia broodstock by selective breeding
5. Project for improvement of pond aquaculture technologies
6. Project for feed improvement and extension
7. Project for training of catfish seed producing farmers
8. Project for aquaculture extension through farmer-to-farmer training
9. Project for development of training materials on aquaculture
10. Project for capacity building of fishery extension officer
11. Project for establishment of aquaculture statistics system
12. Project for aquaculture development in northern Benin
13. Project for development of fishery in artificial reservoir dams in northern Benin
14. Project for strengthening of fish farmers’ group through capacity improvement of extension officer
15. Project for development of rabbit farming

The study carried out following activities as pilot project to verify the effectiveness and validity of draft M/P and A/P
1. Aquaculture in association with agriculture and livestock
2. Farmer-to-farmer type extension
3. Effective use of artificial reservoir dams
4. Brackish water aquaculture
5. Aquaculture in whédo (traditional pond for fish trap in river basin)
6. Strengthening of farmers group
7. Reduction of women’s work load